Workshops and Retreats

Virtual Global Healing Meditation Gathering

1pm CST Friday, July 24th, 2020

Our world is aching, crying  out, and suffering.  People around the globe are facing catastrophe, loss and uncertainty like never before.  Anger and frustration are at a boiling point.  WHAT CAN WE DO?  How do we help?

Join me for a 20 minute tonglen meditation where we seek to heal our own pain by absorbing or inhaling the pain of others and exhaling relief and comfort.  Instilling the deepest level of compassion and awareness, we will sit and breath.  We heal the collective consciousness with our breath and intention.

NO MEDITATION OR YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  Come as you are and know that you are enough.  In fact, you are more powerful than you ever imagined and together we will start creating change.


Zoom Meeting ID : 852 7039 1721

Password: 688322

Virtual Meditation Teacher Training

June 15 – August 15 *Self Paced

In this dynamic, multi-faceted 50 hour training, you will learn to deepen your own meditation practice and share the gift of meditation with others.  Meditation is time tested, clinically proven, and in high demand to help ease the many stresses of modern daily live.


This training is for anyone and everyone—from yoga teachers, health coaches, social workers and therapists, physicians, nurses, school teachers, executives and community leaders to those on the front lines and stay-at-home moms.  Having a solid meditation practice literally changes your brain and learning to share the gift of meditation with others transforms your life!


A few details and what to expect:

  • Daily meditation and journaling practice
  • Weekly virtually-led community meditation
  • Foundations for creating a daily practice
  • 6 Points of Posture + how to assist each practitioner in finding a comfortable seat
  • Yoga history and philosophy… how are meditation and yoga connected?
  • Meditation and Science…. how meditation changes your brain!
  • The basic types of meditation
  • Using breath work or pranayama to aid in meditation
  • Thoughts and their place in a meditation practice
  • How to lead an impactful meditation class for groups or individuals
  • Deeper dive into the topic of your choice
  • Practice teaching and receiving feedback


And much more….


Amazing Deal!!!  $50-$150—sliding scale.  Please pay what you can.


Active instruction June 15-July 15, 2020… you will have until August 15 to complete the course


*Yoga Alliance non-contact CEU’s are available, request at time of registration

*Days and times for community learning/meditation are to be determined and will be recorded if you cannot make the specified time… THIS CAN ALL BE SELF LEAD LEARNING

* You will need a journal, a google account (not necessarily gmail) and access to a computer/podcasts

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Virtual Private Sessions Available