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Yoga with Sonya Taylor

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a certain way.’  Each class is carefully constructed to encourage space and strength in the body while learning to focus on our breath!  We will  move, hold poses, stretch and build stronger bodies and minds.  The poses and movements will flow together and we will link them to specific breathing so that we really travel deeply into the body and still the mind.  You will be challenged and your heart rate will rise, but not like hoping on a treadmill!  Yoga is not just a workout with stretches, it’s a WORK-IN.

Yoga is a journey to discover the self and set intentions for how you want your life to unfold.  You can expect to be physically and mentally challenged and you will leave feeling calm, centered, and open to all that life brings your way.  After we build a strong foundation in our first few classes we will continue to link breath and movement exploring a variety of postures and gaining strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.  You will continuously experience that after yoga glow!

Common benefits of yoga!

  • STRESS Relief – of course, this is what the entire website is all about!
  • Inner Peace, Calm and Authentic Happiness
  • Increased Strength, Physical Conditioning and a Beautiful Posture
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Increased Overall Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Heightened Mental and Intuitive Awareness
  • Improved Hormonal Balance
  • Brain Synchronization and Brain Fitness
  • Whole Body Detoxification

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