Private Yoga

Yoga Remedy

Individually designed practices to elevate your daily life!
A Private yoga psychology session, or Yoga Remedy, integrates self help tools of western psychology into a yoga practice including breath work and meditation specifically tailored to your personal needs and daily struggles. Each session guides the client toward vibrant health and well-being. You will walk away with concrete tools to use in every-day life to unite and elevate body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Walk through life with more ease, intuition and a deeper connection to your center.

Private Yoga Instruction

The gifts of private yoga instruction are many.  We all have different bodies and minds, strengths and weaknesses, needs and goals.  In private instruction I am able to meet each practitioner where they are; giving detailed and focused instruction and attention to their specific needs.  Each time we meet, you will receive a unique yoga practice tailored to you!  We will address mental and physical connection, areas of strength and tightness in the body, with hands on adjustments to assist in your practice.  Private instruction is ideal for a new practitioner that is nervous about entering a group class, a current practitioner looking to deepen their practice and work on specific poses, individuals with injuries that need to learn safe ways to move and stretch, or simply anyone who is seeking more connection and deeper life fulfillment on their path.  


The research is unanimous!  Mediation changes the brain and our overall health for the better in just a few brief minutes of practice!

The mediation techniques I teach are simple, effective, and easily learned by most anyone.  In addition to mediation, I offer some yoga postures and breathing techniques to prepare the mind and body to become centered and turn within.  Meditation is a true gift to the busy executive, mom, and community worker alike, giving us all a moment to break from our busy lives and go from external to internal, experiencing much needed peace.  This process of meditation and inner peace allows the brain to calm, making us happier, more productive, and present in our daily lives.

What to expect from my meditation instruction:

  • Simple and approachable techniques, including breath work, to calm and focus the mind and body
  • Introduction to using sound, visualization and mantra in meditation
  • Establishing a practice you will actually do
  • Support from Sonya to make the practice something you enjoy, maintain and find life changing

Sonya is a Certified Ananada Meditation Instructor.  My 6 month training was life changing and I am still a daily practitioner of meditation.

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