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Mindfulness Is…

Mindfulness practices are simple exercises that systematically teach us to attend to the present moment by noticing more effectively how our body feels, to focus on our breath and to observe, without attachment, our present state of mind. It’s like taking your mind to the gym and eating healthy!  Mindfulness practices are an opportunity for the brain to strengthen and enhance itself.


These practices result in a marked change in our experience of ourselves in the world. The research is in…mindfulness changes the brain and the body!  Mindfulness practices create active and conscientious awareness in day to day life, decreasing burnout, prejudice, stress, and pain.  In turn, these practices increase innovation, charisma, leadership, productivity, memory, attention, learning, self-esteem, positive affect, improved vision and hearing, weight loss, and longevity.

Mindfulness practices have been shown to create changes in the brain including: 

  • Increased activity in the prefrontal cortex which supports decision making, abstract thinking and emotional regulation.
  • Less activity in the amygdala the area where we experience stress and fear i.e… feeling less stressed out and afraid.


  • Stress Re-set: simple yoga for the busy mind.   By making simple shapes with the body and connecting to the flow of the breath we release stress, tension and pain allowing for more effective performance and satisfaction.  Yoga also results in weight loss, increased body awareness and overall health.  This yoga practice is accessible to any level of fitness and builds strength and flexibility.  


  • Mindmap:  A combination of guided relaxation exercises that focus the mind and increase awareness of our reactions allowing us to be more fully in the present moment; resulting in greater attention to detail and faster response times.  In this exercise we learn to restructure and replace your response to stressors through guided relaxation and meditation techniques.  Yes, reduce stress and burnout simply by changing how you respond.


How my services have impacted past clients!

“I have had the privilege of teaming with Sonya for many years to provide on-site yoga and meditation classes in various business settings.  Sonya is a natural instructor with a calming style.  Sonya was able to enhance our corporate wellness program by offering on-site yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes, bringing heartfelt leadership and increased awareness to a very diverse workforce.  The feedback from our employees after they spent time in Sonya’s trainings was phenomenal — employees felt less stressed, more present and more able to be effective at their job.  In her simple yoga classes she excels at teaching to all levels of fitness and demonstrates to class participants how to modify the practice based on their ability, age and agility. I highly recommend Sonya and her classes to any business or group seeking to improve their overall well-being and performance.”

Beth Luther

Chief People Officer

Primex Family of Companies

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