Jaden Emilee reviewed Black Cat Yoga β€” 5 star

I’ve taken the Tuesday level 2 class with Sonya twice now, and always leave feeling like I got an amazing workout in, accomplished, and relaxed all at the same time. Very fun merch too!

Paige Kupfer reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 14 Β·

I started taking Sonya’s level 2 class as a new yogi and she was so patient and pushed me to challenge myself every week (which helped me be able to do poses I never thought I could). Her classes are physically challenging but her mantras and spiritual teaching style leave you feeling amazing at the end of class πŸ™‚

Emily Aguiar-Lane reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 10 Β·

I am an avid runner and try to balance it with yoga. I have taking Sonya’s vinyasa flow class several times and every time I learn something new. She is a passionate yogi and guides me through yoga to become a better self. Looking forward to trying out her Yin class. Highly recommmend!

Daphne Johnson reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 29 Β·

Sonya provides a different spiritual mind body connection in each class and each student experiences what their yoga journey allows. I feel very balanced and full when I leave her classes; she’s an amazing teacher.

Dicky Paull reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

So happy w Sonya’s Yin class! It took a man sized spatula to scrape my melted remains off the floor. Perfect guided meditation. Such well sequenced sweeps of awareness across the body. Something to be learned in any yoga class, but the depth of the relaxation here was beyond special! Can’t remember the last class that I went to where the I walked away thinking about the savasana.
I understand there’s a vigorous practice to be had too. I cant imagine Sonya cooking up anything short of amazing. Someday soon.

Erica Jarrett reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 8 Β·

So glad to have found Sonya! She is a skilled yogi who is very good at tailoring each class to the participants there. I’ve been taking yoga for over 10 years, but none the less, she manages to basically whoop my tush each class! Highly recommend!

Daniel James reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 7 Β·

I had my first class with Sonya this evening and it was a blast! She is incredibly personable in addition to providing a challenging class. Definitely plan to attend more classes in the near future. Sonya is also very passionate about her practice and gives off a very positive vibe. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

Lynn Dangel Costello reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

Sonya’s class is a remarkable combination of dynamism and deep relaxation.

Maria Carolina reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 14 Β·

Stepping into one of Sonya’s classes is a revelation. While she’s deeply versed in a traditional practice, she brings a fresh perspective to it because of her diverse background. While her practice is rigorous and can be challenging, she always breaks it down into smaller and attainable pieces. I’ve been practicing yoga for a long time and have had the benefit of many guides and teachers but Sonya is special; she leads from her heart.

Nicole Casey reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 9 Β·

I highly recommend Sonya! She knows how to get into your head and push past barriers you’ve set for yourself. I always leave her class feeling more at peace with myself, and like I’ve had a *killer* workout!

Robyn Leah reviewed Sonya Taylor Yoga β€” 5 star

March 8 Β·

Sonya’s classes are Amazing! She is truly a great teacher. You’ll want to push yourself past your comfort zone to really improve your practice with her guidance. She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to yoga, its history, the practices and rituals. So blessed to have her as teacher!