The 3rd of the five yamas in Patanjali’s yoga sutras, asetya is the principle or social code of not taking from others. There are immediately apparent aspects of this Yama like not coveting another’s wealth or property, not interrupting, nor taking undue credit for something you didn’t do. In our world we are constantly inundated with information, messages, and images making it hard not to feel like we are somehow insufficient or lacking because we don’t have as much, accomplish as much, look as good as…. We can’t do the pose that the person next to us can. We’re annoyed at the uber yogi’s for the lotus hand stand they posted and surely we will never be able to do that! We fall prey to comparison, jealousy, gossip, annoyance. These feelings and struggles are human. Yet as the sutras guide, when we cease to covet what others have, it brings us great gratitude and joy. Our jealousy and annoyance is likely more about our own disconnection from self worth and the abundant unique gifts we have to share with the universe. Instead of focusing on what so and so is doing that you are not… look deep within to the little whisper of your hearts longing. Seek and follow this voice. When fear and judgement of yourself or others comes up, try to look past the object/person you are projecting these feelings onto and into your own self. Give these negative messages a breath or two… let them sit beside you, but don’t let them steer your life. Create the vision of the abundant life you want. With this joy and gratitude in seeing your intention unfold, you will become firmly grounded in your own abundant path and it won’t matter at all what everyone else is doing.

Stepping into your practice work with hasta mudra. Open the palms in a gesture of giving and receiving freely. Invoke a Mantra to Saraswati the Hindu goddess of knowledge and learning, vibrating toward communion, friendship and understanding.

Om Hraum Mitraya

Sonya Taylor

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