November : The Truth About Gratitude and Abundance!

Practice Gratitude…. Create Abundance!

Who wants to create abundance in all areas of their life? 

Attracting abundance in all its forms (financial, love, time, energy, etc) happens only when we firmly root our life in a practice of gratitude!

But what does a life practice of gratitude look like?….

  • Being present in the moment… you are safe, loved, and generally ok
  • Appreciating the little things… life is full of long hours but short days
  • Being grateful for your challenges and hardships… they are what make you grow
  • Stepping back and taking note of how far you’ve come not how far you still want to go (this is one of my own huge mind traps… looking at how far I still have to go)
  • Notice what you think about and create positive thought patterns… what we think we create

And perhaps most importantly…. Set Mindful Intentions!

An intention is something you can set on your mat or simply in your daily life, journaling, in asana practice, or meditation.  An intention is a positive statement in the present moment as if it’s already happening!  Intention brings into play the law of attraction…it’s physics that what we think we create!  Visualize your intention and step into the feeling tone (bhav) of what it is like to receive and step firmly into your intention.  It feels like Gratitude and Abundance!  Another key to creating your intention is patience… allowing yourself to be in process with a firm view of what you are creating but no guilt or shame about not yet having arrived at your destination.  If you notice shame or self-doubt creeping up on you and threatening to destroy your intention… do a few rinsing exercises to release it and re-affirm your dedication to intention, gratitude and abundance.  Here are a few….

  • Journaling… free flow by hand let all the negative thoughts flow out onto the page. When you are done burn or tear up the sheet of negative thoughts.  Re-write the message and look at it and repeat it several times.
  • Take several deep breaths… imagine the negative drifting out and releasing on the exhale, receiving the positive intention on the inhale.
  • Visualize what you will feel like when you intention is realized…. What does gratitude and abundance look like for you? Make a drawing, vision board, or look for a keepsake that can act as a symbol and place it on your altar or in a prominent place that you see every day.

With gratitude, peace, abundance, and huge love,


Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP Certified Meditation Instructor


  • Alison Buck

    November 24, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Love this. Wonderful reminders, Thank you ❤

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