Loss and Spring Re-birth

Loss and Spring Re-birth

 Leaning into change and the cycle of life.

The natural cycle of life involves birth, growth, and death.  We see this cycle over and over in the course of our existence yet we struggle to let go of the no longer essential parts.  It’s hard to let go of the things that need to die off in order to keep growing and evolving;  making space for new growth, change and maturity.  Allowing  the fullness of claiming the life we are meant for day by day. 

In the past several years I have experienced a lot of personal loss.  The loss of my marriage.  A friendship and relationship where I went from child to adult (and did not fit the adult I had become).  Being an at home mom with her children almost all the time.  The house where I brought both my new babies home and raised them.  Many friendships and most of my support network.   I have had to grieve and let go of so many things.  Each of these huge losses created space to call in and create a life that is aligned.  Yet at times the loud, fear filled voices take over….

Leaning In

Loss of any sort is hard. Grief sets in.  We have to re-calibrate our behavior, thoughts, everything.  The loss is de-stabilizing and can even call into question whether our basic needs will be met.  I lack the trust in myself that knows I will land on my own two feet and be ok despite life’s challenges and any loss I might experience.  I can tend to take loss personally and as a total negative.  I jump to failure and grasping, instead of the opportunity to open to exciting new opportunities. 

Close your eyes and bring into mind negative comments, criticism, times you’ve failed, not gotten an opportunity you wanted or had something taken away from you.  What does it feel like?  Intense, heavy, dark?  Like a flood of fear drowning you?  Emptiness?

Open your eyes and take a deep breath.  Inhale and Exhale.  Practice 10 to 20 rounds of Kapalabhati.  The breath of fire or bellows breath.  Naval center pumping in and out stoking your internal flame. 

Close your eyes again and call to mind compliments, moments of success, times when you received fully that which you desired.  What does it feel like?  Warm, light, uplifted?


When you closed your eyes the first time was the flood of loss and failure easy to experience?  And the visualization of growth, re-birth and receiving success harder to experience?  Did you notice which internal voice was louder? 

Our mind has a natural negativity bias meaning it is easier to focus on the negative. Our attention gravitates toward loss and failure.  To what we don’t have instead of the fullness of what we do.  For me the volume of my negative internal voice, or inner critic is often turned way up! 

Take time to get to know this voice of the inner critic so you can become skillfull at noticing when it is monopolizing the conversation… see my March blog on meeting your inner critic or message me to work through the whole process in a few coaching sessions!

Give Into the Flow

Making room for new opportunities, growth and expansion means loss or letting go of what was.  In the moment we struggle to make sense of it.  We take it personally.  We have a hard time firming into what will take shape in the new space created by our loss. It is unknown and what if nothing comes to fill the gap?

The flow of seasons in our natural world is a powerful example.  In winter mother nature allows living things to die, there is more darkness.  Going into this darkness, allowing things to decompose creates opportunity for fresh growth.  

Steady yourself and ground down into the root and naval chakras affirming….

‘All that I need in life is already present or on its way.’

‘I am strong and confident in the daily flow of life.’

Step on your mat and practice a few strong standing poses like warrior 1 and 2.  Root down through your feet and engage your core.  Notice how you truly feel in this shape.

Turn Towards The Light

Allow yourself to explore the empty space this loss has provided you.  The gift of extra time for self care, relaxation and taking a well earned break.  Perhaps a new friendship or opportunity.  Even a new relationship.  Be curious about the space left by your loss.  Notice what is looking to germinate and grow… what is receptive.  Get clear on what you would like to call in or create in this new space.

Move through this meditation on igniting internal flame and turning toward the light in order to trust the natural process of life and germinate new opportunities!…

Find a comfortable position seated or lying down.  Close your eyes or allow your gaze to rest on  the horizon.  Take Bhu Mudra connecting the peace fingers and taking the thumb to the ring and pinky finger. 

Turning your attention inward imagine a white flame at the center of your being, expanding with every breath yet never getting too hot… just stronger and more expansive.  Feel it’s comforting heat radiate through your being. 

Feel love, warmth and healing radiate from your internal flame, permeating every cell in your being. 

Let it warm your heart and heal you. 

With this cycle of breath that binds all living creatures send the warmth of your flame out into your community, to your loved ones and any place of people that need healing or warmth uplifting your spirits as your offer the vibrant white light and heat of your being.

Imagine your light shining out to cover the entire world, everywhere covered with white sunlight.

Bathed in a vibrant white light of warmth notice what germinates and begins to grow reaching and emerging from the darkness.

Observe the potential and fertility of this time.

What are the positive changes ready to arise?

What feels receptive and light?

Let the light give birth to actions coming from the deepest desires of your heart.

Notice the light of your heart empowering you with the strength of your own internal flame.

Turn towards the light.

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP Certified Meditation Instructor

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