Energy Clearing & Intention Setting for 2018!

Energy Clearing & Intention Setting for 2018!

Clear the Way ~ Choose a ritual that will symbolize letting go.  Practice yoga, go to a sauna and sweat, sit for a few minutes and consciously lengthen your exhale visualizing release and clearing of your path forward.  Try the practice of Ana Viloma… Slowly inhale through the nose filling up and expanding.  Exhale in three parts, deflating the chest, mid belly and ribs, and finally low belly pausing between each section.  Repeat several times until you notice a clearing and lightening.  Clean out your closets, or donate/trash things in your life that are no longer serving you. Taking a bath with essential oils or magnesium salt and allowing the water to drain while you remain in the tub is also a powerful cleansing ritual. 

Clarity of Intention ~  Take a few moments to close your eyes, settle your breath and listen internally.  Visual your intention and create a precise statement in the present moment as if it is already happening!  When you are ready open your eyes and write it down!!!  Notice competing intentions or desires that might be causing you to consciously or unconsciously scatter your creative energy.  Devise ways to help your release and navigate these road blocks.

Take Ownership ~ We can’t expect anything to change if we don’t change our habits!  If you keep behaving in the same way you will keep receiving what you always have.  Make peace with anyone or anything that has gotten in your way or hurt you.  Writing an F-You letter is a great way to clear anger, hurt and resentment.  Hitting a pillow, screaming and boxing might also help!  Acknowledge what lights you on fire and what diminishes your flame or sidetracks you.  Own it!  Be sure your intention is truly yours and not something you ‘should do’ or that another person would like you to do.  Enliven your own unique creative potential.

Enlist a Devil’s Advocate ~  Find a friend, family member, or daily practice that will keep you in check and moving toward your intention.  Someone or something that will challenge you and encourage you to weigh all possibilities to be sure you are on the right path toward intention.  This isn’t about pushing you to fail… it’s about pushing you to broaden your perspective and be sure you are considering all factors that support you in realizing your intention.

Integrate and Expand ~ There are many factors outside of ourselves that will impact the manifestation of our intention… expand your awareness to encompass the powers outside yourself that are at play.  Ask any external powers you may believe in to join you, guide you, and sustain you in seeking intention.  Keep your creative energy flowing and firmly root your intention into your being by visualizing, drawing, journaling, and/or developing a mantra and changing it daily.  You might find an object to hold for a few moments every day or to place in a prominent place that will keep you focused on your intention.  Allow any subconscious/unconscious emotions or habits that may be blocking you to continuously release by practicing yoga, breathing with extended exhale and journaling free flow.  Any physical movement allows us to work through and shed that which we are not conscious of!  Continuously ask for guidance from the universe to carry you along your path.  If you feel lost… seek the practices that bring you back to center.

Prepare ~ Create an open field to create and then….. Make a list and a clear plan.  Write it down!  Create a time-line with action steps.  Write it down!  Share it with someone who will hold you to it!  Put it on your calendar.  Create incentives for yourself if that works!  Enlist others to help if you know you need it!  You are not an island and we all need community and encouragement… sometimes even a little tough love to get us back on track.  MOST importantly… firm yourself into a feeling tone, bhav, of being truly ready to manifest your intention!

Insert Your Intention into Creation ~ Visual your intention as something that is currently happening.  Feel in your bones that you have already manifested it in the present moment.  Notice how you behave when you assume the creative energy of already having accomplished your intention…. This energy will reverberate out into the universe and begin to shift how things flow around you.  Your life is alchemizing right now!  Begin the behaviors, emotions, beliefs, etc. NOW!  State your intention 3 times out loud!  Scream it if you like!  Reach your arms up and turn the palms toward you drawing them toward your body with some force calling the energetic manifestation into your being!  You got this!  It’s here!

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP Certified Meditation Instructor

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