Where did my bright shiny resolution go?… February affirmations to shift self-limiting thought!

January was all about setting intentions and resolutions… by now many of us have drifted off course or become frustrated.  That shiny, exciting new thing we were going to do, or change we were going to make has become lost in the overwhelming demands of life or in our own negative self-limiting thought patterns.  What’s worse is that we often feel ashamed of this happening.  Anyone with me?

Thoughts create things and beliefs shape reality.  ~ Ashley Turner

This means we have incredible power to create the life we desire.  To actively and mindfully shape our experience of life and insert your intention or resolution into creation!… but it involves shifting our thought patterns and perhaps even releasing beliefs that are blocking us! Our thoughts and beliefs are at the root of our behavior.  

Affirmations are a beautiful way to shift thought patterns.  

An affirmation is a positive statement, in the present moment, as if it’s already happening! 

Allow yourself to circle back to your intention holding deep compassion or karuna for youself in honor of how difficult it is to shift deep seeded patterns of thought or behavior.  Write a positive statement that states what happens when your intention or resolution is realized.  A few keys…

  • Present moment…  so NO when.. if.. will, etc
  • ‘I’ statements… no ‘You’… first person language
  • Specific outcomes!!  Behaviors, feelings… results
  • Write it down!!!…
  • Post it in prominent places
  • Repeat it often during meditation and your daily life… especially when the negative self-talk or a discouraging event happens that sets you back or knocks you off course… re-devote yourself to it over and over as you do your inhale and exhale

Keep your internal energy/prana optimally and shape your life with this affirmation meditation to align the chakras!

Find a comfortable seat and begin to orient your attention to the breath.  Beginning with the root chakra at the base of the spine in the pelvis area; place each affirmation accordingly in the body and perhaps visualize the corresponding color.  If a particular affirmation does not land with you simply be curious about why.  There is no right or wrong. 

All that I need is already present in my life or on its way…  pelvis (red light)

I am strong and confident in daily flow of life…navel center (orange light)

I am firmly connected to who I am beyond my external appearance and personality…solar plexus (yellow light)

I love myself and am able to give and receive love with ease … heart (green light)

I speak and act with confidence building positive relationships with the support of mentors and community… throat (blue light)

I firmly follow my own path and am connected to sources that fuel me… point between eyebrows (indigo light)

I embrace change with an open mind and am abundantly filled with bliss… crown of the head (bright violet light)

Notice the central access of your being, your energetic and physical body aligned and flowing fluidly allowing you to access your unique Truth and Dharma. 

Firm into the energy evenly distributed and sustaining you through any challenge or obstacle.

Allow yourself a few minutes to sit quietly, journal and absorb what came up for you in these affirmations.  Perhaps create your own affirmation that will help you re-orient toward creating the life you desire!

The Power Of Affirmation Realized!…  Several months ago I created an affirmation to call in abundant work and professional opportunities… specifically to guide me in realizing a niche in the area of Yoga Psychology.  The universe responded with a big giant YES! 

Please take a look at my spring workshop schedule!

 I have created a unique Yoga Rx, or healing practice workshop that will take place in April over one weekend.  A similar Yoga Remedy service is also available in 3 individual private sessions!  Curious… email me for more info or click the links to read more on my website!

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP Certified Meditation Instructor

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