The direct link between emotion and the body

The direct link between emotion and the body can be seen in many ways. Habitual patterns of posture and muscle tension can shed light on our emotions and our patterns of thought. I tend to hunch my shoulders up toward my ears creating stiffness and pain in my trapezius and neck. This posture is a result of stress and anxiety and I truly have no idea when I started doing it! It’s my ‘character armour’ which I suited into many years ago…. The body is the gateway to the emotions, the soul, and our true Self…. begin to notice where you hold tension and seek to resolve and loosen it in your practice. Where can you soften and seek ease? What are the thought patterns causing tension and how can you reframe? For anxiety root down through the feet, connecting into your root chakra, muladhara, grounding yourself safely and securely to the earth. Focus deeply on alignment holding the body safely in each pose. Feel steady and assured that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Affirm that you have all you need and you are provided for. Look at areas of your life that you can allow yourself more pleasure and less pressure! Massage, acupuncture and body-work are also essential. As you start to release the body, the emotions surface and begin to heal. 🙏❤️ #sonyataylorlifestyle#sonyatayloryoga #malibucalifornia #yogapsychology #yogapsychesoul

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor

Sonya Taylor E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP Certified Meditation Instructor

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