Yoga is a journey into our deeper self

Throughout the course of my life I have continuously sought and experienced the transformative healing aspects of yoga and am overjoyed to share the gift of a mindful yogic lifestyle with all of you.  I provide weekly classes of all levels and styles, private instruction, corporate and group wellness programming, meditation instruction, and inspiration with real life doable tips on living your fullest life.

Corporate and Group Wellness

The research is unanimous! Mediation changes the brain and our overall health in just a few brief minutes of practice!

Workshops and Retreats

Learn step by step how to work into foundational strength building arm balances and inversions bringing them into your daily yoga practice.

Private Yoga

In private instruction I am able to meet each practitioner where they are; giving detailed and focused instruction and attention to their specific needs.

Weekly Classes

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a certain way.’ Each class is carefully constructed to encourage space and strength in the body while learning to focus on our breath!

Yoga is a LIFESTYLE!

Living an authentic, transparent, mindful and rich life are so important! We are here… we may as well make it amazing!

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